Medefine –  Birmingham Medical School
Kusy Suleiman

Hi, My name is Kusy. I am an international student from Saudi Arabia studying medicine in
the United Kingdom. Studying medicine at the University of Birmingham is a true pleasure; it
incorporates stellar world-class level teaching and gives students who are keen to learn a
true opportunity to grow and excel in their interests. With a medsoc installed and a
multitude of societies to join, no single student ever feels left out! Be it a sport you enjoy, an
art you’ve got a passion for, or even a future speciality you might be interested in,
Birmingham’s college of Medical and Dental sciences makes pursuing your ambition and
making new links ever so easy.

So here’s a little bit about me. I have just finished my pre-clinical years (first two years of the
course), and am very eager to start learning officially in hospitals as a third year medical
student. My experiences with this program have only been positive ones, with great support
and encouragement whenever needed. Nobody said it was easy when I first joined, and I
couldn’t agree more by the end of my 2 nd  year! All I have to say about it in that respect is
that its truly worth it; with hard work, time management and goalsetting, nothing is far-
fetched. I have participated in several societies within the medical school and have even
helped in setting up one with a few colleagues; it is just that easy and the University is very

Living in Birmingham is absolutely wonderful! It is a very multicultural city! You feel very
welcomed immediately after arriving, and you do truly feel like you’ve got a true sense of
belonging. Whether you’re an international student or not, nearly everybody is on the same
boat you are! People are extremely nice, friendly, and kind towards one another and you
get the chance to join many friendship groups; some of which you may decide to abandon
later, whilst many others that will grow to prosper into a friendship of a lifetime!

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