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May Pyone Khine (Katie)

My name is May Pyone Khine (Katie) and I am a first year medical student at the University Of Buckingham. I was born and raised in Burma and studied my GCSEs and A- level in Lancaster. Whilst studying biomedical sciences, I was inspired by how the systems of the human body relate to each other and I have wanted to gain insights into medicines. Since then, my aim is to have a career in medicine.

People always ask me why I chose to study at this university and there are several reasons for this. Firstly, we have small group teaching and each group is allocated a personal tutor who is accessible at all times. I believe that this is a massive advantage because this means I am able to seek help at all times considering the fact that I am studying an intellectually demanding course.

The University of Buckingham was voted number one for teaching quality 2015-2016 and this is clearly reflected in the way we are taught. The fact that we are a small cohort and have small group teaching ensures a coherent and supportive community. Medicine at the University of Buckingham is four and a half years as opposed to other universities where the course is 5 or even 6 years, which in itself is a massive advantage. One thing that really attracted me to Medicine here is that there is patient contact right from day one so I am able to see how relevant what we learn in lectures is, in day to day clinical practice. This is absolutely great because you get a feeling of what it is like to be a doctor right from the start.

Another interesting aspect is a core module that runs through the course called ‘Narrative Medicine’. Here we are allocated a patient from the start of the course and we have to follow up the patient regularly. This only adds to what it feels like to be a doctor and changes your mind-set right from the start. The University of Buckingham is a private university and the fact that it has no cap on its international student intake is a massive advantage as it only provides us as students with more opportunities.A fundamental aspect of university life is good student support. Here at Buckingham University I have access to a personal tutor with which I have regular meetings throughout the term. Being an international student, it is very reassuring knowing that I can discuss social aspects of my life and not just the academics.

The University is located in the countryside in a peaceful and serene environment. I prefer this compared to a city university as there is less distraction and I am able to focus more on my work. At the same time, London is only a 30-minute train journey away which is very convenient.

All in all, my time at this University has been exciting and I am really looking forward to the third year, which is when we will be transferred to Milton Keynes Hospital to fully experience the clinical environment.

Medicine is no doubt a challenging course however I have been enjoying the course so far and I am very excited about rising to the challenges of my medical studies and the career that will follow. Finally, I would definitely recommend studying medicine in the University of Buckingham!

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