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Do you have an interest in medical education, widening access to medicine and teaching? This opportunity is open to enthusiastic non UK students who want to inspire others to succeed!

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Become a Mentor

Want to be part of a team widening access to medicine all over the world? We are looking for Year 1 and Year medical students. You are the experts and we would like to learn from you whilst helping you gain valuable skills and enhance your CV. Simply request an application form and get started right away!

International Work Opportunities

Our senior supervisors have contacted several international schools and education advisers from abroad and have secured partnerships with countries such as Romania, India, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Austria, and others. Our team is committed to expanding and spreading our information throughout the world.

If you have any contacts in your country of origin - be it your ex-school or other educations advisers that helped you with your medical school application do get in touch with us. Our team will visit some of these schools during the holidays so if you happen to go home over these periods, you may be able to take part in international presentations. Otherwise, you will all help in the future with advice via our online platform.

More Opportunities for our Team

Book Writing

If writing is your thing, get in touch. We have three ongoing books that you can contribute to.

Medical Books

Need help with finals and OSCEs? Our patron offers discounts on all Unofficial Guide to Medicine Series, please get in touch to find out more.

Enhance your Skills

Join a course provided by Eurekadoc. Contact us for student discounts.

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