Medefine – Manchester Medical School 
Jia Cheng Chong

Manchester Medical School engages in Problem-Based Learning. That is, most of the learning is done by ourselves. Lectures are still provided, but are not as frequent or as comprehensive as one might like. A case study is given by the start of the week, displaying symptoms of a particular disease and names of drugs prescribed, and we discuss in a group on what we should learn about. At the end of the week, we discuss again what we have learnt, to fill in gaps of our individual learning so that we come out having learnt the whole. This unique system sometimes mean that we do not know how much to study, although intended learning outcomes are still provided by the university. Otherwise, instead of grueling study hours from 9 to 5 being filled with lectures, we have instead free time to study as much as we want.

Manchester Medical School also pioneered in Personal and Professional Development (PPD). From Year One we had to learn how to write reflectively on our experiences and to build a regular habit on maintaining a healthy portfolio. Usually medical schools start this programme by final years, but as an effort to encourage this habit, we start quite early.

I chose the University of Manchester in my UCAS selection mainly because I had this impression of Manchester being ‘the second London’. In other words, metropolitan and urban without the high-rise prices of a cutthroat financial hubbub. Cultural, urbane and diverse, are the words that popped out in my head when I see the words ‘Manchester’, and this impression did not fail me. Besides, University of Manchester fared quite well in the university league tables. Then, I picked University of Manchester as my firm choice because it was the only university that gave me a conditional offer to study medicine. It was the highlight of my day when I received that email.

It was a difficult choice to pick between Medicine and Law. On one hand, Medicine represents the ultimate act of noble service, always helping the needy, equipped with knowledge gleaned from the rational Science. On the other, Law rallies for fairness, defending the helpless and be the stalwart knight under the banner of Justice. Both these aspects appeal to me equally, and finally I thought that the best way to serve with all the knowledge that I have is to undertake the path to Medicine. And there I was.

University of Manchester is a place that celebrates diversity, equality and has the largest student union in the UK. It is very easy to find people of your own nationality, and for those wishing to be network further, it is also very easy to meet new and interesting people. All sorts of clubs and societies are present in the university, and the location of the university also makes it easy to access various places. Its geographical location makes it easy to travel to different parts of the UK, which is very convenient for travelers.

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