Medefine – Nottingham Medical School
Fady Anis – Third year medical student

Originally from Egypt, having lived the majority of my life in Dubai, I found moving to the UK and settling into university a very smooth process which was partly due to the assistance provided to me during international week. Initially wanting to go to a city-based university, I found myself pleasantly surprised at how much I suited the campus life like that in the University of Nottingham. Some quick facts about Nottingham’s medical course that makes it stand out from other similar courses in the UK:

  1. You get two degrees in 5 years (BMedSci and BMBS) – the additional degree can add an extra 3 points to the FPAS application (foundation doctor application).
  2. University of Nottingham is one of few universities that offers dissection when teaching anatomy (believe me, it makes life a lot easier!)
  3. There are many early opportunities to expose students to research and get a publication (which is an additional point on the FPAS application).
As all other universities, Nottingham has a specific quota of international students – approx. 13 students from a Thai medical school as part of a three-year program and another 12 students (Total of 25 international students). As an international student at Nottingham, I feel that you get the best of both worlds, not only do you have the support of the other international students and the International students center which organizes trips on a monthly basis, but also you also have a plethora of student union led societies and sports teams to keep you always busy. The medical course at Nottingham is a little more condensed because of the second BMedSci degree which sometimes can be overwhelming however due to the many student- led societies such as MedSoc Teaching and SCRUBS you can rest assured that there will always be someone to talk through things if you are struggling. Overall once you are on the course, as an international student you are treated the same as any other student. As a medical student you have to have the discipline to know when its time to study and when its time to have fun – nobody will force you to do either. Finally, university is a different type of learning environment, the success achieved in your course is dependent to how hard you work and the passion you have for the subject and so some personal advice is to throw yourself at all opportunities that come your way – they will always act as a step forward to enhance your CV and will often lead to bigger and better prospects.

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