Silvana Stoicescu – Universalio Education Advisor

As an educational adviser, I can honestly say that the Medefine Education training has been extremely useful. Bogdan and Navin did a wonderful job taking me through the whole admission process in the UK and I am now more confident to advise students who want to study Medicine. The sessions where very well structured and provided great explanations about the British medical system in general, but also about some specific aspects of the application process. Not only did I learn valuable information about what extracurricular activities should my students engage in, but I also understood how they should prepare for the UKCAT and BMAT entrance exams. In addition, the Medefine Education team designed wonderful handbooks that summarise the knowledge students need to gain before their interview. From understanding the structure of the NHS to knowing key medical organisations in the UK, the guys delivered personalised training sessions that answered all of my questions. The tips and tricks about how to write a successful personal statement were very relevant, but what I found particularly useful were their examples of  how different universities conduct admission interviews. Bogdan and Navin provided information that advisers will never get from university representatives and their insight was much appreciated! I wholeheartedly recommend the Medefine Education trainings as the sessions are very engaging and the speakers
share so much knowledge and enthusiasm.